Calendula – (Calendula officinalis)

   A beautiful yellow flower can be used as externally for sores, skin ulcers, burns and bruises.   This flower is also being used in the cosmetic industry and is know to have a soothing feeling.

   Although this flower is used in other industries, it is also used in the Tea Industry as a color addition to many herbal blends, fruit and black tea blends.    No additional taste.  

   This flower is part of the potted marigold and general the petals are dried to brew your tea.    But this flower can also be added to your healthy salad and to “the: manufactured version of marigold cheese”.

Taste:    Neutral       Classification:  Herbal Tea (Caffeine Free)   Origin:Italy    Region:Tuscany

Reference: Supplier

Research:  “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health” by Rosemary Gladstar’s