NEROLI – Citrus Auranthium

       Fragrance – floral (cultivation in the Mediterranean, but is native to Asia), the oil is produced in these countries: Brazil, US, Cyprus and Israel), used in many “orange oils”.

GERANIUM – Pelargonium graveolens

     Fragrance – very much like a Rose (beautiful heart-shaped leaves with bright blooms with the contrast of the green foliage.  This plant made into essential oils is used to create a variety of beauty items and high-end perfumes (France industry).

YLANG YLANG – Cananga odorata

    Fragrance –  (Exotic oil is used in: drinks, perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and soaps.  The yellow petals are very thick and it grown as a evergreen tree in Asia.

LAVENDER  – Lavandula augustofolia

    Fragrance –  can be strong and almost medicine like, but still beautiful  (grown all over the world in England, Bulgaria, France, Canada, US, and there is over 18 varieties of lavender.   Used in cooking, both flowers and stems are dried, the essential oil only uses the top (floral).  Lavender has been used for centuries and is used in cosmetics, arthritis, can ease headaches, anxiety, depression, grief, mood swings.   Not suggested to use for the first three months of pregnancy.

Reference: “Nature’s Scents” by Raje Airey