“Herb Pillows”
“The Illustrated Herbal Encyclopedia” by Brenda Little
4    cups hops
2    tbsp. Dried lemon verbena leaves
2    tbsp. Dried, grated orange peel
2    tbsp. Dried orris root
3    drops essential orange-blossom oil
2    cups each dried rose petals, and dried mint leaves
1    tbsp. Ground cloves
*When making the mix you can, if you wish, add a little orris powder to help fix the scent, some ground spice and a little pot-pourri.  The scent will last for year or more.  When it needs enlivening add a few drops of your favorite essential oil – but be sparing – a few drops go a long way.
A complaint sometimes made is that the dried herbs in a pillow crackle disturbingly when the head is moved.   If rustling or crackling is likely to irritate you, sprinkle the herbs with water which contains a little glycerine before you make the pillow or sachet.
If you have enough ingredients you can stuff a full-sized pillow or cushion, but if you do not, make some little cheesecloth or muslin bags to contain the mix, give them some pretty covers which can be removed for washing, and tuck them inside the pillow-case or cushion.  The little bags can also be put among linen and in the undies drawer, or they could be hung from a length of ribbon to scent the wardrobe.