Mint choices

     (Resource – “A Culinary Guide to Herbs, Spices and Flavourings”)

    by “Arabella Boxer, Jocasta Innes, Charlotte Parry-Crooke, Lewis Esson”


*Thanks to this great book for all the great resources*.


“Bowles’ Mint – Mentha rotundifolia”


“Black Peppermint – M. piperita vulgaris – used for “menthol-scented oil”


“Corsican Mint – M. requienii – “smells like peppermint when leaves are crushed”


“Eau-De-Cologne Mint – M.piperita citrate – used for potpourri”


“Pennyroyal – M. pulegium – can plant between “paving stones”, tiny flowers in pink with a wonderful scent of peppermint.   Great for a rock garden or herbal garden.


Pineapple Mint – M. rotundifolia variegate – tiny scale for white/cream flowers with tiny plant leaves and produces a fruity flavor.


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