Great little, well illustrated book on aromatherapy…….just like potpourri…….

“Dance of the Morning Nymphs”

“Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances” by Linda Gannon


Dried Flowers and herbs

2    cups yellow rosebuds

2    cups lemon verbena leaves

1    cup lavender flowers

½   cup bergamot mint leaves


Essential oils

20  drops lemon verbena oil

10  drops rose oil

5   drops lavender oil



¼   cup ground calamus root


Textured Elements

¼   cup green cardamom pods


Finishing Touches

½   cup primrose blossoms

½   cup wood sorrel blossoms

¼   cup gold star confetti


Package the blend in a small cut-crystal bowl tied up with opulent lemon yellow or pale green French ribbon.  Glorious!