This Illustrated book will be kept for ever in my library room……great aromatherapy book……

“Midsummer Night’s Dream”

“Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances” by Linda Gannon


Dried Flowers and Herbs

2    cups red rosebuds

1    cup grape hyacinth flowers

1    cup sweet pea blossoms

½   cup lavender flowers

½   cup lemon verbena leaves

½   cup mint leaves


Essential Oils

20   drops tuberose oil

8   drops bergamot oil

4   drops lemon verbena oil



¼    cup mixed ground cinnamon and ground cloves


Finishing Touches

¼    cup pressed and gilded pansy flowers

¼    cup blue star confetti


Wrap with a beautiful blue-violet satin ribbon.  Accompanied by a box of chocolates or a bottle of good red wine, celebrate the glory of a summer night with someone you love!